Printers are available in different types, sizes, mechanisms, as well as other specifications which make each and every printer become unique. There are some printers out there which are known for their mechanism, while there are also other printers that are named according to the specifications. One common question that we can find is: What is a monochrome printer ?? If you want to know it, find out by reading on.

What is a monochrome printer?

A monochrome printer basically is a very simple device – it is a printer that can not print in color. Inkjet printers are not monochrome because these type of printers are always capable of color printing. Most monochrome printers out there make use of laser printing mechanisms and also direct thermal printing mechanisms.

What types or models of monochrome printers can I get today?

The two major types of monochrome printers are laser printers and direct thermal printers. Laser printers make use of a drum and a toner, and a laser light beam is used to draw the printouts onto the media to produce the printout. On the other hand, direct thermal printers don’t use ink, only a ribbon. Thermal printers use direct heating to produce output, and these devices are typically used for printing receipts, barcodes, labels, and other similar media.

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What are the benefits of these devices?

Monochrome printers are nice because there is no need to purchase colored ink. For laser printers, you only have to replace the toner which has high yield, so you won’t have to replace it frequently. The drum may also need replacement every once in a while but it would take a while before there arises any need to do so. For thermal printers, there is no ink that needs replacement, only the ribbon. And the ribbon also has a very high yield which does not require you to frequently replace it.

Another benefit of these devices is that they are especially great at printing monochrome text documents. Thus, these printers are perfect for general document printing, which is typically the printing activity done at most professional establishments and home offices.

What are the disadvantages of these devices?

The main disadvantage of these devices is that they are not capable of colored printing which makes their printing use very limited. You can only print text documents in black ink and nothing else. If you try to use these printers to print images, the output would be of very low quality, since these printers are not designed for image printing.

The price may also be considered as a disadvantage when it comes to these printers since laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers, and direct thermal printers are also quite costly. Nevertheless, for their specific purpose of printing, they are very good.

How much budget should I allot to buy a monochrome laser printer?

For laser printers, around $150 to a maximum of $3,000 should be invested, depending on the brand, size, speed, features, and functions of the device. For thermal printers, on the other hand, a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $2,000 should be allocated based on the specifications and features of the printer.


If you only need to print in black and white, then a monochrome laser printer is what you should get. We hope we’ve been able to answer your questions about monochrome printers!