Everything, including wireless all in one printers have good and bad side, In this article, you can takes a quick look at about the upsides and also downsides of buying as well as using wireless all in one printers.


Just like all-in-one multifunction printers, wireless all-in-one printers have equipped with three or four functions in a single device. By only using single machine, you will easily print, copy, scan, and fax documents. It means, you can eliminate the hassle of having to operate four different machines and avoid learn how to use them all.

Another great advantage of wireless multifunction printer is space, not just because they take the place of four devices, but also because they are wireless-enabled device. This means the location of the device will not be restricted to just the length of its wire. You can put this all-in-one printer on a table two or three meters away from the PC, or you can can also place it in the middle of the office workplace. It also easy to move the multifunction printer because you do not have to work with any cables or wires, only the power source. You can easily too to bring the device from one room or desk to another.

Yes, as a wireless-capabled device, the biggest advantage of this printer of course can be found in its wireless functionality. You no longer have to get confused with a lot of wires around you. All you need to do is, connect this printer to your device using wifi direct feature on your phones, tablets, etc or you can use a wireless router, connect the device to it, and you’re ready to go. You can print any documents quickly without having to connect the printer to the PC, laptops, and so forth, and you can also easily save scanned documents directly into your computer without having to link it to the CPU.

Most wireless multifunction printer have newer firmware, making the devices more powerful and functional than wired printers in general. Some wireless all-in-one printers also have come with one-touch web printing, direct webpage printing, Apple airprint, Google cloud print, photo editing, and also online photo grabbing functions. You will be able to print any images or pictures directly from the internet or print an entire webpage in a single push of a button, and it can be done easily without even using a computer.


The newer and advanced technology in wireless all-in-one multifunction printer is what makes them very useful, functional and unique, but it is also sometime what makes them not easy to use. Some wireless multifunction printers do not have good user friendly, and there are many people have difficulty when installing them or syncing them to their computers. Connection also become problems for many users because of the wifi technology that is packed in these printers.

The advanced mechanisms make the printer is not easy to repair. Some repair shops can not help to repair or manipulate these devices, meaning you have to find the service center of the brand or model that you own in order to have it repaired. It is just like when a model is old – there are no available parts and very few technicians are knowledgeable about repairing these printers.

And the last disadvantage is, when one part of the printer is broken, everything is broken. Because it is a mutifunction device, when the printer needs to be repaired, you will lose the printer, the copier, the scanner, and the fax, all at the same time. Obviously, this can have very negative impacts if you run your own business.


Wireless all in one printers can be bought easily in various online stores at affordable prices and today it is not a something new and become the symbols of advanced and cutting edge technology, but they also have a risk/reward scenario. These type of printers are reliable and can give you the efficiency, convenience as well as space-saving that your home office or business needs. But when the device fails, you need to replace or repair them quickly because all functions is packed into one machine.