There are many busy people in the world looking for a quick and easy method to print their important documents or pictures from their smartphones or tablets.. Yes, they want to save more time and efforts because by using mobile printing, it is become easier to print a variety of documents in high quality. If you have a lot of printing tasks and always print reports, documents, and other projects from your PC or laptop, it’s the right time to make something different with your printing habits.


First, do not forget to save your office files or pictures on cloud storage. It’s free, easy to do, secure and of course you can access it from everywhere, including access it directly from your mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) then print it according to your needs.

Next you should install additional application on your phone so you can print via Wifi or directly from android USB cable to your printer. Many free apps available out there and one of them is “Google Cloud Print” that can be downloaded for free in Google Play Store. Once this app installed successfully on your device, you can print directly via Wifi.

In this article, we will not talk about Google Cloud Print because here you will learn how to print your documents, photos, etc directly from your Android devices via USB cable using a free application called “Star Print“!. Basically, this app can works in various mode, wireless (Bluetooth/Wifi), wired and compatible with Airprint printers too.

The StarPrint app can help to print various file types and can be paired with at least 4000 printers from popular brands like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Samsung, Kodak, Dell and Lexmark. This app is excellent and works great especially for those of you with printer that doesn’t support wireless feature. By using the free version of this app, you can print anything from office files, recipes, articles from the internet, PDF files, contact, calendar, files from Instagram, and much more. The only disadvantage of using free version is, a small footprint is placed in every page of document you’ve printed.

Here’s simple step to use StarPrint app ;

  1. Download StarPrint from PlayStore and Install it on your device
  2. Connect your printer and Android device using USB cable
  3. Open Starprint app and find documents or files you want to print
  4. Click OK.
  5. You can also open print preview tab. You can customize paper size, margin, orientation, etc.
  6. Once you satisfied, you can tap print button.
  7. Tap printer name and printing process will begin
  8. Done.

That’s it.. I hope you enjoy this simple guide.