Brother all in one printers are becoming more and more popular these days, especially because most people prefer the functions of all in one devices as compared to single function printers. If you are planning to buy an all in one model from the brand but you aren’t very familiar with the products that Brother offers, here are the four faces of Brother all in one printers to help you in your search for the most ideal printer to suit your needs.

Color Inkjet All-in-Ones/Multifunction

Basically, Brother has more laser models than inkjets, and in the case of color inkjet all-in-one printers, there is a combination of models which have or don’t have fax functions. These inkjet models are designed often for the office workplace, but there are some models which are meant for personal, home, or school use like the Brother MFC-J480DW printer. There are also some models which have their own telephone handsets for easier use of the fax function and better cost savings because you don’t have to buy a separate telephone for the fax anymore. These models include the MFC-J985DW, WorkSmart MFC-J880DW, Brother MFCJ4420DW. The last model has a wireless telephone handset that makes it even more functional and easy to use. There are also some models which belong in this product line that are capable of printing up to media size 11’’ x 17’’ or ledger size for high impact business printing purposes. Color inkjet models are perfect to use for high quality color and photo printing because of their excellent output and remarkable photo printing performance. Prices range from $80 to $400.

Color Laser/LED Technology

LED is different from laser in many ways, but the effect of printing is almost the same. Since both mechanisms use heat to be able to produce a print, there is no visible difference on the quality of printouts that LED and laser models have. However, as devices, LED printers are better to use because their mechanism is less complicated than that of laser and there are no moving parts in a LED printer.

In terms of pricing, digital LED printers are much cheaper than color laser printers, but this is probably because LED printers have slower printing speeds and because laser printers are really expensive in general. Color laser and LED printers are designed for mass printing purposes and their duty cycles do not go lower than 10,000 pages per month. This freely allows you to print up to 333 pages of printouts every day. These colored printers are best to use for business printing purposes, although they are not as high quality as inkjet printers. Typical outputs produced by these printers are brochures, flyers, menus, and simple advertisement handouts as well as product labels and tags.

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Black and White Laser All-in-One/Multifunction

Laser printers are especially popular because of their fast printing speeds and high quality monochrome text output. Brother laser models have several Laser Multi-Function Centers which already have built-in telephone handsets and these devices are much more preferable to use as compared to other fax devices. You don’t need to buy a separate handset anymore and the devices are jammed in a single machine to become a multifunction center. Models with handsets have sheet feeders that run from top to bottom vertically, while the other models with no handsets have horizontal sheet feeders which are typically seen in most printers with ADF. Most of these models have fax functions and so they are wired network enabled, but there are also a few which are wireless network enabled. These printers are best for receiving faxes that don’t need to be colored, thus most documents are in the form of text. Printing, scanning, and copying using these devices are all in monochrome, making them very efficient for mass production of simple flyers and handouts as well as product labels.

Laser/LED Multifunction Copiers

These models are the models of Brother all in one printers which have no fax functions. There are only five of these models and one is a LED color printer. For those who are looking for printers which do not have fax functions, it is easier to filter your search by looking for these devices. These are typically bought by businesses that use the printer itself as the means of income and not as a device for productive work. Also, a lot of people no longer use faxing functions anymore since there are now e-mails and other kinds of file sharing methods. For those who do not want to increase the cost of the device by having fax functions, these copiers are the best models to select.


Brother all in one printers come in several models and there are a lot of different functions that they can perform. This is a brand that you can depend on.