For those of you that regularly print documents, it would be necessary to buy a printer that can deliver more outputs than the standard inkjet printers that are available on the market. The Brother HL-2170W wireless network printer can be considered by you because it not only can print up to 23 pages every minute but this printer also has a variety of different good features that can really make it an awesome printer to any home or office. Although there are various Bluetooth printers and you can also find a variety if wireless photo printer, these printers may not offer you everything that you need.


Here are a some features that are available in this printer, and why you should consider to choose it for yourself.

Aside from the speed that it is able to print, The Brother HL-2170W can also warms up in an extremely short amount of time. It is only about 10 seconds after you push the button, the device will be ready to use and that speed makes it ideal for those of you who don’t like to keep our printer on at all times. In addition, it offers amazing high quality monochrome printing with a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. This means, it can help to keep a professional looking quality while at the same time, providing you the speed that is needed out of a machine such as this.

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The Brother HL-2170W laser printer is also packed with energy star design, something that many people appreciate about it, because it will help you to know that it was made in such a way that you won’t be using too much of the Earth’s resources. This printer can also save you more money on your power bills. The Brother HL-2170W is backed with a One-year warranty, which is excellent for this printer.

A number of different versatile options are also available on the devices including 250 sheet capacity tray, along with the ability to use standard, legal as well as various custom sized pages. Perhaps one of the more interesting options that comes with it is the ability to use the printer in both a hardwired and wireless fashion where it can be operated via wireless/wired interfaces.. This will be especially appreciated by those you who have gone mainly wireless and it will allow us to print from any workstation, from anywhere within range. The manufacturer makes wireless setup very easy; for users that has WAP (wireless access points) that support SecureEasySetup, WPS and also AOSS, your wireless settings can automatically be configured by simply pushing a button on your router.

Overall, Brother HL-2170W is perfect option for a home use or small office with multiple computers that want to run simultaneous print jobs faster through on a single printer. Although it only has 32 MB built-in memory, this printer will not have a difficult time to handle almost job that you throw at it.