Wishing to print coupons, essays or invoices? If you want to print, get a proper printer for home business or office. The intense competition is fierce as there are competitors such as Epson, HP, Canon and others. But selecting a printer for home office or business may be tough; especially with the terms convoluted it may complicate the process. Following a buying guide helps in selecting a printer for your home business and office.


The first question understands your budget and the next is to know what you want to do with it. If the printer is for your home or personal use, it is very simple and it is ideal to go for inkjet printers. This is available easily and you can go for brands such as HP Envy 4520, Canon PIXMA MX922, Epson WorkForce WF-2540 or Brother MFC-J870DW.  Make sure the ink cartridges are used in different colors so that you get the same if it runs out.

Small business people may have a different need. The more your need is complicated, the more you need the printer. This makes it difficult.  Buying a laser printer may be the best bid than inkjet printers that turn to be expensive to feed ink and relatively the quality of printing is poor, besides they are very slow in comparison to laser. So, if you consider printing more, you must also think about the reports printing for clients or outsiders, if so, you need to have an impressive printing and go for a laser printer. There is no doubt that it will be expensive, but you may add features such as multiple printer trays and duplexing, but as a point of investment, ensure to get the desired warranty from the manufacturer. There are many brands outside and so take a knowledgeable and learned decision so that it suits you better. Also be aware of the wearing parts such as toner drums in other printers as they are very expensive.

Lastly the small businesses having over two computers may need laser printer. If you consider using inkjet printers, look for buying an A3 color printer that may not be in the laser price range.  But the fact has to be known that inkjet printers are slow and feeding ink must be done forever. So choose a machine that lasts for few years and also prints the required pages per month. Also check the reviews of users and see if the printer you wish to buy offers the required or expected yield. They should be economical and may be unavailable with small models.

Color inkjet printers can print just anything you name, but the text looks less sharp than color laser printer. There is no doubt that the laser printers rule the offices as they print text quickly in volumes and work to be cheaper. Moreover, laser printouts do not get wet and are now in the affordable ranges that consumers have recently shifted to them even for home. The replacement color laser toner is the only thing that is in high cost, so planning is required. Buying for home or business must be decided considering features, speed and functionality.