The tech world has changed a lot, though printers are almost the same. Now, people print very few important documents. This is because even the most important documents such as sending a job are done through a tablet or a Smartphone. Today’s printers are the best and are able to handle wireless connectivity and mobile printing, while some models provide new technologies. However, prior to shopping for a printer, sort out the optimum use of it and its main purpose. Apart from this also consider your budget to spend and identify the best portable models suitable to your needs.

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Portable printers are an integral part of the mobile office as it permits you to print on demand anywhere. Here are few things you must know while buying a portable printer.

Who must buy? 

Portable printers are appropriate for business travelers requiring to revise documents while traveling or to share documents with their clients. There are many portable printers that are self-powered and also feature alternate power sources. In fact, the portable printers are well suitable for anyone working in the marketing or field and require to print contracts, receipts or documents, especially on the go. This includes architects, sales people and field service technicians.

Benefits of Portable Printers 

Recently, many cybercafés and hotels offer shared printers and is a way of bringing more guests to their business place. Yet, a fantastic idea is using your own portable printer in the long run so that it turns to be cost effective, especially if you consider you need it on your go. Waiting for the hotel printers in urgency may be frustrating.

PC-free printing is also a reason to buy a portable printer: The portable printers facilitate you to print from devices such as cameras, PDAs or smart phones or directly even from compact storage cards. This is a feature you may not find on the shared public printers.

The most convincing benefit of portable printers is that it allows you to print even in the remotest locations or on your move.

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Small Size

The portable printers are truly portable, yet there is a considerable weight that takes some space as well. The compact photo printers are much smaller that they can print hardly on 4 x 6 photo paper. There are smaller and larger mobile printers yet bear in mind the portability trade off features and its performance. Thus, check the dimensions of the printer and use one to ensure the printer fits.


Print quality and speed from a portable printer is impressive. They can print 5 pages per minute, while some are speedier. The print resolution must be higher, so consider 300 dpi to 1200 dpi as the portable printer prints resolution. If their resolution is high, it can produce professional documents faster.

Without fail consider the connectivity and power options as they are the main features for portable printers. It should have:

  • Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi facilitating printing from multiple devices
  • Mobile printer power options such that it should include internal rechargeable battery, AC adapter, USB with powering off and car adapter.
  • Also consider the operating system, weight and paper sizes acceptable, besides durability.

What are the best portable printers for 2017 ??

There are some compact and lightweight printers out there like the CANON PIXMA iP110 where it comes with wireless features (Print wirelessly with ease), support Airprint and compatible with online cloud service, HP Envy 4500 all-in-one printer that also allow you to print from your mobile phones, tablets via wireless connectivity or Canon Selphy CP1200 that comes equipped with Dedicated Wi-Fi button, Airprint enabled, etc . Both printers are perfect for beginner to business professional on the go.