Laptops are very popular these days and what better way to increase the functionality of your laptop than by adding a laptop portable printer in the system? If you want to get only the best laptop printer, here are five things to look for in making your decision.

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#1: Look for a portable printer that can easily be connected to a laptop.

Since most laptops have limited connectivity options, it is best to choose a laptop portable printer that you can connect to a laptop very easily. Almost all printers today are USB 2.0 compatible, so you definitely won’t have any problems with that. Do NOT buy a printer that can only be connected via series or parallel port because many small laptops don’t have this port.

#2: Look for a compact and lightweight model.

What you are searching for is a small and handy printer. There are many small printers but they are not exactly handy. There are also lightweight printers that have quite a bulky appearance. But there are special portable printers in the market which are really designed to be used as portable laptop printers like the Canon PIXMA iP100. These printers are built with portability and compactness in mind to match the needs of individuals on the go.

#3: Look for a printer that is small but can print on standard size media.

There are other printers which are compact but are unable to print on standard media sizes. Some examples of these are compact photo printers from Epson and Canon, and labeling solutions from Brother. These models are definitely compact and lightweight, but they are meant for printing specific media only and not general document printouts. Like the examples given above, the Canon PIXMA iP100 are one of the best portable general purpose printers available today. They are capable of printing media sizes up to legal size, and other standard sizes like letter and A4 are also compatible with these models.

#4: Look for a portable printer from a reliable brand.

Apart from Canon and HP, there are also other brands in the market that offer good portable laptop printers. You just need to be careful in your search and make sure that you get a device from a good and reliable brand. If you buy a low-end printer from a cheap brand, it might get broken and the hardest part is that you won’t be able to have it fixed because there are only a few places where you can have it serviced and they might not be easily accessible to you.

#5: Look for a portable printer that’s worth its price.

Printers are not very expensive, generally. It is wise to buy a printer during a sale if you already have your eye on a specific model, or you can go ahead and search for other cheaper options available. Just always follow the first tips and consider the price last. Remember that you will most likely be using the portable printer frequently so it’s important to buy a reliable and durable device that fits your needs.


A laptop portable printer can be tough to search for because of the limited options in the market. But with these helpful guidelines, you can narrow down your search to find the model that perfectly fits your needs, preferences, and budget.