In every household or an office, the most common type of printer that you can see is that of an A4 size paper. For daily use, this printer would suffice. However, in case you want to print larger scale pictures or posters, you will need a different machine, an A3 color printer can help you to do that. Using this printer, you can save your time as you don’t have to glue 4 pieces of A4 size paper just to make an A3 size print and nothing spells unprofessional when you deliver your work with scotch tape all over. As we might already know, an A3 printer is a perfect device for anybody who works with prints live fabric, canvas, and or leaflet printing. For those of you who have a small t-shirt business, you can use it easily to see how the prints would look like when printed on a larger scale. A full-sized print at the back on a shirt would conveniently fit on a single A3 size paper. No need to worry if the edge of the paper does not match properly on the other sides.

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Here are 5 Best A3 Printers in 2017

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1. Brother MFCJ4620DW Wireless All-in-One

2. Brother MFCJ6920DW Wireless Multifunction

3. HP OfficeJet 7612 Wide Format

4. Epson Artisan 1430


Some Advantages of A3 Printers

Finding a good A3 photo printer is not an easy task. People who are working as a professional photography are ready to pay extra money for these machines. Prints made by the high-quality A3 printers for photos are usually long-lasting. To give you instances, matte-media can last for almost 100 years meanwhile the glossy paper-prints have longevity of 80 years. In terms of print speed, a photo measuring 11” X 14” can be printed in just 3 minutes. A small 4 X 6 inch photo only takes about 45 seconds to get printed. A high-quality, professional and stylish covers for DVD or CD can also be created quickly with these type of photo printers.

Freelance designers would also get many advantages to have A3 color inkjet/laser printer. When you make or do some presentations, it will be better to place them on big boards that would be easier for your clients to see. A whole range of your collection would look more attractive on a larger scale than it would on a smaller one. Also the standard size for most portfolios is A3. Some people may think that they could just print out their work outside at the computer or printing shops. However, the problem arises when they use different software from yours. Converting an Adobe Illustrator file into a .JPEG file makes the image pixelized and blurred. For graphic designers vivid and clear images are a must at all times.

If you are planning to buy an A3 printer, there are two options to consider, laser or inkjet printer, the A3 laser model which can do larger and more complicated print jobs so you will not have to upgrade later when you do find that you need a printer with more capacity and capability. Printing posters or banners in A3 of course would attract more attention. If not put into use, you can even earn extra money by printing for other people for their own personal needs. This in turn would pay off your A3 printer in the long run.

A3 laser printers cost a lot more than your regular inkjet printers. Aside from this they take up more space and may be difficult to move around. Another problem comes when you have to replace the toners because they usually cost as much as a new laser printer which means you would probably get a new printer than to replace the tone cartridge. And so before making your purchase, you have to make sure that you would use it frequently that it outweighs the cost of buying one. However, the ink cartridge takes longer time to replace than most inkjet printers. Also to ensure sales and marketing, printing your work in the correct format and directly from your computer would benefit your company in the long run as well. If you could get that deal or project simply because you have good visuals, then you know that it was worth the purchase. The speed is also another pay-off because they print up to 22ppm and has high quality prints on different types of paper.

On the other hand, Many people prefer buying the printers with inkjet capability more than the laser printers because of the underlying price difference. But certain notable differences exist between an A3 laser printer and an A3 inkjet printer. The size of a laser printer is generally bigger than the inkjet printer. With a laser printer a large drum is present which rotates with the specific page to be printed. Hence these printers are naturally heavier. With inkjet printers just a printer head is adequate to weave backward and forward till the page’s end is reached. Laser printers are not able to give high resolutions that are at par with the inkjet printers. But printing accuracy is achieved with the laser versions and these can print dots measuring 0.1mm too. Printing speed is more for laser printers and due to the printing technology used, prints never remain wet. Inkjet printers have to use wet inks, and if the right kind of paper is not used it might also get wet or blotted.