Today, we can find a variety of printers from different brands on the market and choosing the best one, be it for your home or office need can seem like a daunting task. There are several types of printer out there ranging from multifunction also known as all-in-one printer, photo printer, inkjet printer and laser printers. You need to look at your needs first. If you are a photographer and want to buy a printer for photographs purpose, it is highly recommended to use an inkjet or photo printer because these devices can print images in higher resolution, But in case you want to print a lot of documents in high volume(black/white/color) faster, then it would be better to choose a laser printer.

If you are still confused to select a printer for home or office use, you can consider to buy an All-in-One printer because it has been equipped with various features that you’ll need.

Type of Printer

– Inkjet Printer

MX397Inkjet printers have been used by many companies, small business or just for personal use. This printer generally has small design, light and only take up little space and easier to maintain too. Other advantages of using inkjet printers are they work quiet and the cost for printing per page is fairly low, you can also print onto various paper types like photo paper, etc. You can save more money on its cartridges because it can be refilled and reused, this printer also can print photos well and the price is generally cheaper than laser printer. Read review and find out what are the best inkjet printer on the market.

– Laser Printer

There are 2 types of laser printers you can find out there, for basic document and All-in-one where you can also use a laser printer to copy, scan and print documents. If we compare this printer to an Inkjet printer, it will work faster, has the speed you need and of course delivers high-quality output too, make it great to handle high volume printing of large documents and can improve or increase your business and office productivity. The best laser printers are not only great for home use but it also perfect for small business or even busy offices because it can prints up to 40 pages per minute.

If you want to print documents from microsoft words, excel or web page, it’s recommended to choose the basic laser printer. However if you want more additional features, like copy, scan, fax and print your documents to a PC, the All-in-one laser printer will be a good choice. You can choose between a mono laser printer or a color laser printer. Generally, the price of laser printers are more expensive than Inkjet.

For more details about laser and inkjet printer, watch this short video ;

– Color Laser Printer

If you are the owner of home business or has own home office, it’s almost certainly that you will need a printer that can help to print a lot of important documents (from memos, reports, labels, notes, paperwork, etc) faster, we highly recommend you to use a color laser printer. Just like monochrome laser, this type of printer is also designed to handle high-volume printing jobs where the printing costs can be minimized.

Before you make a decision to place an order on this printer, you should familiar with the features so that you can get the best one that can meet your daily printing needs. The best color laser printers usually have good output resolutions, they also come with built-in memory (RAM) to ensure large queue of print jobs can complete without errors, duplexing feature that allow you to print two–sided documents and also support various types of printer papers (It cannot be denied that many individuals or even business owners want to print on card stock or business cards, sometime they also want to create custom labels too).

In our research, the price of a good color laser printer ranges between $125 – $500, depends on their feature. More features means more expensive (especially if the printer has multifunction capability)

Choosing a printer based on need

– Home Office or Business


When we talk about home office, sometimes there are some jobs that can not be postponed, like you need to print or copy documents faster to complete a project proposal, scan then fax important documents to clients or colleagues, Etc. That’s you will need a printer with multiple capabilities! and the answer is All-in-one Printer. For home office, there is no doubt that using this type of printer can be the best solution to handle all your office needs and save more budgets. Here are some of the best all-in-one printers you can consider.

– Photo Printer

Today, printing photos can be done easily from any types of printer as long as the printer has color ink, but in case you want to get the highest quality output, you will need a special photo printer. The best photo printers usually have higher resolutions that can make pictures printed in beautiful, detail and real colors. There are plenty of different printers for photos available and choose one that can produce excellent quality and durable is very important.

– Home Printer

If you want to buy a printer for home use, it is a good idea to think in advance, whether you will use a Laser or Inkjet printer. Each type have their own advantages & disadvantages. Some of the best home printers 2018 and simple buying guide can be read here.

All-in-One Printer

All-in-one printers, which is commonly called as AiO or multifunction printers is the new generation of an inkjet or laser printer. Today, this type of printer can be found in almost everywhere and is not an exclusive product anymore. All-in-One printer will turn your printer into a productive machine for home or office use that can handle copier, scanning and/or faxing. In the past, multifunction printer typically comes with a fax machine, but a lot of the best-selling printers today have done away with the fax, leaving the print, copy and scan features as the core of a typical multifunction printer. Still, if you want the fax feature on this printer, you can likely find it as the next step up model for a higher price.

These all-in-one printer are usually have very good design, lightweight and easy to carry so that they can be placed in any home environment, home offices or small offices. These printers are very smart looking, and according to many users, the presence of AIO printer can add value to the overall decor of the area. These machines not only great for printing any important documents like school or work text documents, recipes, charts and slide but they also great for printing photos.

Let’s take a close look some of the top reasons why people buy these printer, copier, fax, scan machines (AiO or multi-function printers):

Multi-function usage benefits. Yes, multifunction printers does it all. The device can help users to print awesome color photos in various sizes, print documents and reports for school or office work, print marketing materials, labels and it also easy to make copies of invoices, recipes, and so on. Users also find that they are very easy to set-up and use.

Space saving. This all in one / multifuntion printer is really a space saving device. Instead of having to make more space on your room for 4 different machines, you can have them all finely engineered into one sleek unit.

Power Savings. A multifunction printer basically only need one cord to power the whole device. Not only does this can reduce any messy wires but it also will lower the electricity required to run the device.

There are some of the most trusted brands all in one printers on the market include Brother, Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark and Dell. Of course with these trusted brands, you can easily find both inkjet or laser all-in-one multifunction printer you want. These are all leading and trusted brands in printer market and they also have very good after sales service, provide good warranty to the products and have been known to provide printers that work well and reliably.

For the best multifunction printer (AIO printer reviews) and other recommendations, you can visit this page.

Other Features to consider

– Wireless connectivity

A printer with that support wireless connectivity will allow you to print documents wirelessly from other wireless-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, Laptops or Notebooks quickly. Most of the best wireless printers out there have supported by WiFi direct feature so you don’t need any additional router to make it works. With a wireless printer you can also easy to print from multiple devices… Just turn on the printer and activate WiFi feature on both smartphone and printer, print anything on the phone screen will be much easier, from web pages, emails, tickets, etc.

– Mobile Printing & Airprint

With mobile printing feature, you can easily print from your mobile devices (Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phone). As for Airprint, It is a special feature developed by Apple.. when a printer comes with Airprint capability, it’s mean you can print directly from iOS devices like iPhone or iPad using your Wi-Fi network. These are the best airprint printers you should consider to buy.

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